Open Source Hardware Machine Interface This is a little project I've had going for a while. Just a pcb to attach an LCD, Knob, Beeper, and Micro SD Card to a RepRap. The only good solution I found were thing like the PanelMax¬†which was very expensive. So I designed this board and had SeeedStudio make it for cheap.     I just ordered all of the components so hopefully I'll have it up and running next week. And here's the design files. I found a little issue with the

MBoard Update Jul 13-2012

It's been a while... sorry 'bout that. So here's the skinny: I got everything printed. programmed and assembled. The initial testing showed that there needs to be a fair bit more torque to get things going. I had it geared down by a factor of 7, which at my estimates would give a top speed of about 32 mph. Unfortunately the printed pulley just melted to pieces when I tried to drive it because of a lack of torque to drive it while a person was riding it. So I'm looking into planetary gears as an