Electric Mountainboard Stats

  I had some time today to do some riding and get some data. I started with a full charge on my 16.8Ah LiFePo4 pack. I rode mostly on the roads. Up and down steep hills. On flat roads. As well as riding on some dirt hiking trails with locks of rocks. I figure this wide range of riding will give some good averaged data.   When I stopped I could tell the voltage on the batteries was low. I could have squeezed maybe another 5 minutes out of them if I was desperate.   Stats

Electric Mountainboard Detailed Build Instructions

I finally bought a second motor so I documented my build this time.   Here's a parts list for a 1 motor build (double the counts for a 2 motor build which is WAY better) Parts 3D Printed 'Wheel Insert Inside' at 90% infill (PLA or ABS) 3D Printed 'Wheel Insert Outside' at 90% infill (PLA or ABS) 3D Printed 'Motor Mount' Left or Right depending on which side you are mounting. 90% infill ABS has worked best for me. 47 Tooth Sprocket 11 Tooth Sprocket #25 Chain #25 Chain