2016 Adams Family Christmas Lights!!!!!!

I’m still working on writing this post… In the meantime, check out the details from last year here!

The show runs daily from 5:30PM – 10:00PM for the entire month of December. Come watch it in real life right here in North Ogden! Just east of the library.

If you would like to donate to our show, you can do so below

How many lights?!

Well that depends. Short answer: 11,080. Long answer: 208,809.

You see, every light we use in our display is a RGB LED. Meaning each light that you see actually has three little LED’s inside. A red, a green, and a blue. Varying the brightness of each of these internal LED’s is what allows us to get any color of the rainbow!!

Also, every light we use is either directly a pixel, or a group of lights acting as a pixel. And when I say pixel, that means the light can be turned on and off independently of every other light in the yard. As a result of having such fine control, we are able to produce the “motion” or “dancing” effects that you see.

So we have 11,080 pixels. 65,864 if you count the “TV” looking things (P10 Matrices). Which actually took a lot of work to build… More on that later.

Some of the pixels have multiple RGB LEDs per pixel. Things like the piano keys, or inside each section of the candy canes that are a bigger area than just one LED can light up. So we actually have 14,819 RGB LED’s. (69,603 counting  the P10’s).

And each RGB LED has a red, green, and blue LED inside. So that brings us to 44,457 individual LED’s. Or 208,809 individual LED’s counting the P10’s.

That’s a lotta lights 🙂

Your electricity bill is insane right???

Wrong. Haha.

More coming soon…….

  • Seth Adams


  • stidrvr

    I really love the snowflakes on the house. Are they a coro product too or something you made yourself. do you have any pics of those during the daytime? Thanks!

    • mrrocketman

      Yes! I can’t believe all the effects the snowflakes can do. Just discovered more last night! Everything we have is custom built. I have a ton of pictures and video to edit together that I should be able to post before too long. Working on more songs and then I can get to the documentation stuff!

      • Mike

        I love all the different shapes & effects you can get from the snowflakes and your front yard squares & triangles. I’m really interested in the snowflake design. It looks similar to Matt Johnson’s, but your spokes go all the way to the center. Also, did you create separate models in xLights for each piece of the snowflake or did you use submodels? Next Christmas will be my first attempt at a light show so I’m trying to learn as much as I can.

        • mrrocketman

          Give me about a week! Working on editing all the build/assembly footage together. But yes I did have to create a lot of different models for the snowflakes. Submodels can’t isolate things properly.

          • B Jensen

            Hi, do you know the max speed and range of the board?

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