James Rodney Adams; Jan 18, 1992 – Mar 31, 2017

James Rodney Adams, dearly, dearly beloved son of Rodney Blair Adams and Suann Christensen Adams; dearly, dearly beloved brother to Jakob, Nathaniel, Kaleb, and Seth; moved on from this life Friday morning at his home in North Ogden, Utah at the age of 25. James was a gifted, brilliant young man.  He loved to dream up, design, and build things.  He intuitively understood highly complicated things such as computer programming, electrical and mechanical engineering, design, etc.  He could just

2016 Adams Family Christmas Lights!!!!!!

I'm still working on writing this post... In the meantime, check out the details from last year here! The show runs daily from 5:30PM - 10:00PM for the entire month of December. Come watch it in real life right here in North Ogden! Just east of the library. https://youtu.be/7Xdzy2_veUc If you would like to donate to our show, you can do so below How many lights?! Well that depends. Short answer: 11,080. Long answer: 208,809. You see, every light we use in our display is a RGB LED.

2015 Adams Family Christmas Lights!!! (With Pixels!)

Come watch our lights right here in North Ogden, Utah. We aren't very hard to find 🙂 The show runs nightly from 5:30-10:00 PM. We currently have 2 songs running and are working on more. If you can't come in real life check out this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Bc9xyoFPYo Pixels! We have switched to pixels this year! Meaning everything in the show is RGB capable, and we can control every single light independently from all other lights. This is how we have sweeping effects from

RGB Piano – Christmas Decoration Build

  This is my RGB piano build. Unfortunately it’s been a while and I don’t remember all of the details of the build but at least I took pictures and at least I still have my CAD drawings. This build was inspired by seeing Tom Betgeorge’s piano We have had a piano in our display for years but it was very much a budget model. It was a PVC frame with standard mini lights zip tied to the PVC for the first year or two. The next year we upgraded it to single color LED strips

Nylon 3D Printing

So I've recently upgraded my 3D Printer with an all metal hotend. Which means I can now print stronger materials. Which was perfect because even using a 90% infill ABS motor mounts for my mountainboard, they still broke. So I printed out a new set of mounts in Nylon and they are 10x better than the ABS ones! Nylon is so much stronger than ABS when it comes to cracking and breaking. It seems near impossible to crack it. It does compromise by being a little flexible, so I've added string to hold