Electric Mountainboard Stats

  I had some time today to do some riding and get some data. I started with a full charge on my 16.8Ah LiFePo4 pack. I rode mostly on the roads. Up and down steep hills. On flat roads. As well as riding on some dirt hiking trails with locks of rocks. I figure this wide range of riding will give some good averaged data.   When I stopped I could tell the voltage on the batteries was low. I could have squeezed maybe another 5 minutes out of them if I was desperate.   Stats

Electric Mountainboard Detailed Build Instructions

I finally bought a second motor so I documented my build this time.   Here's a parts list for a 1 motor build (double the counts for a 2 motor build which is WAY better) Parts 3D Printed 'Wheel Insert Inside' at 90% infill (PLA or ABS) 3D Printed 'Wheel Insert Outside' at 90% infill (PLA or ABS) 3D Printed 'Motor Mount' Left or Right depending on which side you are mounting. 90% infill ABS has worked best for me. 47 Tooth Sprocket 11 Tooth Sprocket #25 Chain #25 Chain

Electric Mountainboard Is Working!

I've finally got my electric mountainboard up and running well. There have been lots of part revisions, lots of failures, and lots of learning. But this thing is sweet. Note: * I'll try to get the design files for the 3D printed parts up and thingiverse tomorrow. I have to make one small tweak before they are fully ready. * ** 3D file links added below * I'll also try to make another blog post tomorrow with the build details of the board * Photos     Videos Sweet

3D Printer Filament Rack

This is the gist of the filament rack I built. Not too expensive, not horribly complicated. Easy access to all spools. Framework for potentially added a full enclosure to protect against dust and humidity. And most importantly --- cheap! It has 24 posts, each with the capacity to hold two 5 lb spools (by length that is. It seems like it should be strong enough but no guarantees haha). I used to just slide a bunch of spools onto some pipe or threaded rod or whatever, but changing them out was