Open Source Hardware Machine Interface This is a little project I've had going for a while. Just a pcb to attach an LCD, Knob, Beeper, and Micro SD Card to a RepRap. The only good solution I found were thing like the PanelMax which was very expensive. So I designed this board and had SeeedStudio make it for cheap.     I just ordered all of the components so hopefully I'll have it up and running next week. And here's the design files. I found a little issue with the

MBoard Update Jul 13-2012

It's been a while... sorry 'bout that. So here's the skinny: I got everything printed. programmed and assembled. The initial testing showed that there needs to be a fair bit more torque to get things going. I had it geared down by a factor of 7, which at my estimates would give a top speed of about 32 mph. Unfortunately the printed pulley just melted to pieces when I tried to drive it because of a lack of torque to drive it while a person was riding it. So I'm looking into planetary gears as an


After seeing the ZBoard, I decided I needed one. Except I wanted a better one 🙂 So here's the plan: (1) MBS Atom 90 Moutainboard (3) Hobby King 5A LiPo Chargers (3) 60W Power Supplies (1) Turnigy DLUX 120A Brushless Speed Controller (1) Turnigy G160 Brushless Outrunner (1) Zippy 8400maH 2S2P 30C LiFePo4 Battery (2) Zippy 8400maH 4S2P 30C LiFePo4 Battery (1) Arduino Pro 328 5V/16MHz (4) Force Sensitive Resistors (1) Stomp Switch (1) 3/8” XL 14” Belt (1) M8 Bolt 3D